Keep your employees smiling happy and most importantly productive
The one size fits all generic Employee Assistance Programs supplied by Multi National Healthcare Organisations is dead.

The Bespoke Professional Services from UK based Holate are the right fit for 2019

Many more companies are beginning to realise that the Employee Assistance Programs they signed up for supplied by Multi National Healthcare Companies do not provide what they now need in 2019. All those additional services that were included have simply not been used. So why are you still paying for them? .

It came as a complete package what choice was there?

Now there is a choice
Take on our bespoke Telephone Counselling Service answered by qualified Psychotherapists and simply add extra services as you want them for how long you need them on a 30 rolling contract. Take a look at our services page Here

All the services you could require without the 12 month contract or the service charges and with monthly reports. How things have changed.