Holate's Services

Holate can provide any of these services to your company as individual resources that you can take on when required or in a convenient package.

Telephone Counselling Essential for small businesses. (Included in full EAP)

Our core business is telephone counselling, it is available to our clients 24/7 365 days a year. Our phone lines are manned by the UK's best qualified counsellors solving many issues at the first point of contact. This can be taken as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with other services as a comprehensive package which would include face to face counselling. legal medical advice including regular monthly reports.

Monthly Reports (Included in full EAP)

To keep you in touch with your workforce we feel monthly reports are essential. We aim to provide you with as much information as possible in these reports, we supply two easy to view charts displaying the call area (applies to larger companies), the second displaying 50 plus different subjects that we regularly deal with on our help line, with this comes a written reports giving updates on employee concerns and identifying key workplace issues.

The Launch (Included in full EAP)

The launch of the service to your employees can include a presentation to the entire workforce or to key members of staff, managers or line managers. We can provide signs for canteens notice boards which display our access number this can be sent as a file that you can print yourself or we can do it for you with a letter or leaflet to each individual in the company explaining the benefits of the service.

Stress Risk Assessment. Essential for medium sized companies. (On request)
The Stress Risk Assessment involves a questionnaire to all employees from which we quantify the results in accordance with the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) "Causes of work related stress guidelines" Based on the results we can offer advice on changes that the company can apply to adhere to the HSE standards.

Formulation of an effective Stress Code and policy Essential for small companies (On request)

An effective stress code can be created and tailored to your company's requirements including an action plan for when things need addressing. We can liaise with you to formulate a stress policy and show how to seamlessly integrate it into your companies practices. The aim of this is to improve your managers, line managers and supervisors people management communication and interpersonal skills.

Ongoing Assessment (Included in full EAP)

Ongoing assessment of the Stress Code and Policy are overseen on our confidential telephone counselling line. Our system will monitor regular trends and will flag up any irregular patterns. You can be sure that any deviation from the norm will be recognised and you will be informed at the earliest opportunity

Stress Awareness Program (SAP) For medium and larger employers (On request)

To help your company achieve the very best performance and productivity from your workforce we provide a Stress Awareness Program The SAP is designed for key members of staff such as managers, line managers and supervisors so that they can better assist the most important asset a company has - its workforce.

The SAP objectives are.
To make key staff aware of workplace stress.
To make them aware of the progressive nature of stress.
To inform them of the major causes of stress.
To inform them of the six signs of stress.
To illustrate courses of action open to managers who have staff suffering from stress
The Program can be held on site so that disruption to work is minimised.

Critical incident Essential for all sizes of company. (Included in full EAP)

How would your company cope with a major incident whether that be a Fire/Burglary/Workplace Accident/Violence. Holate will provide you with the expertise you need to deal with any number of incidents. We can be onsite to help those affected and make sure that your company is back to normal as soon as possible.

Workplace mediation (included in full EAP) Medium to larger employers.

When you cannot come to an agreement about working practices, senior management demands or disputes of any kind, then workplace mediation by Holate provides an independent unbiased view of the situation so you can make the best decisions for the company and workforce alike.

Organisational Changes (Included in full EAP) For larger employers.

Making major changes within any company can result in your workforce not understanding the new demands put upon them, or how their views have been taken into consideration. To help make those changes as seamless as possible and to not affect the smooth running of the company Holate will supply experienced people on site, providing the essential link between senior management and the company's workforce.

Online For all companies (Included in full EAP)

We also provide on our website information on fitness health and medical information in the the form of videos, links to qualified sources and and many trusted medical fact sheets. continuity of care is keynote in all of Holate's services.

In addition to all the services listed we can now provide access to Legal Advice and to an Occupational Health Advisor on request.