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Welcome to Mental Health here you will find information about common mental health issues. The most common workplace mental health issues are dealt with first. Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression,Self Esteem. As you will see the majority of our links are to NHS Choices as they are the countries leading experts. We are not in any way trying to replace NHS Choices we are simply abbreviating the issues that affect individuals in the workplace so you can find the information you want faster. Please follow the following links to each individual issue. Here you will find a description of symptoms helpful information a relevant video and much more

Panic Attacks.
Self Esteem
If your symptoms persist you should contact your GP for further help and call our Telephone Helpline. Available 24 hours a day.

If you are reading this in a management capacity. Because you are worried about an employee suffering stress and want further information about what you can do to help, then download our FREE Stress Management Pack on the link below.

The Stress Management Pack includes...

What is stress?
Is my firm required by law to tackle stress?
Stress Checklist
The Six Main Causes Of Stress In The Workplace
Stress Indicators
HSE Management Standards Indicator Tool
Case Study.
Risk Assessment Approach/ Stress Risk Assessment Questionnaire
Stress Action Plan.
Implementation Plan/ The problem solving process
Back To Work Interview Form
Stress Policy

Download our FREE stress management pack here,(PDF)

You may also like to try this self assessment tool, that is extensively used by scientists and psychologists to measure wellbeing.

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Mental Health.