Is bigger better when it comes to EAP providers ?

As an example lets look at Axa An insurance company providing EAP s. They use a world wide healthcare provider
The basic tool used by the EAP healthcare provider is an interactive website.
The advertising says Tailor make your own lifestyle, good so far?
Engagement via a website can only go so far... People lose interest.

just how many calenders, schedules, lifestyle websites do you refer too ?
We are guessing to many.
Its not about planning a lifestyle, its about living one.

If you want to speak to a real person, calling will get you access to an accredited counsellor with qualifications as limited as a counselling diploma and 12 weeks practice. not inspiring is it ?

If you are having serious problems and require Face to Face counselling, you will be passed onto a professional Psychologist who will assess you. A full Mental Health Assessment could take anything up to an hour.
Anecdotal evidence shows that this provider could refer you in ten minutes, If referred you will then be passed onto someone as qualified as one of Holate's counsellors.
Three different people before you get the help you need.
Holate provides degree qualified psychotherapists with three years experience at the first point of contact on our phone lines, if the client requires face to face counselling that same therapist will do a full mental health assessment.
Continuity of care is vital, especially if you are suffering a mental health problem. The therapist would then offer you the choice of three psychotherapists in your local area to continue your treatment, whilst in treatment calling back to talk with your first point of contact is welcome.

Bigger is not always better.
Insurance companies are for insuring things, not Healthcare. Leave it to the professionals Holate.
Thank you for reading


Posted on 23 Feb 2015

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