Self Help. Does it work?

From Self Help Books to Motivational speakers now Interactive websites and mobile apps

Since the first self help book was published in the late 1850's the growth in sales has never gone down. The current sales top £6 billion per year. While UK book sales were down recently by 1 per cent overall, sales of self-help books for the same period soared by 25 per cent. With so many self help books around, if one of them really did unlock the secret to everlasting happiness, wouldn't it corner the market and crowd out all the others?

Since the early eighties the same feel good factor has been available in the form of seminars. Motivational speaking with audience participation has seen a huge growth, talk to some people who have attended and you will find people who are enthused by what they have heard and full of ideas in how they can translate this to their personal lives/business.

So how long does this initial feeling last? Well most say that they attend future seminars and on average stop after attending 6 to 8. But why? Could it be that the initial feel good buzz wears off? Didn't the motivation carry into their private/business lives? Simply the answer is No.
People who do change their lives and attitudes are people who already have a sense of purpose and motivation. For these people the self help route is just an added confirmation of what they already do and who they already are.

From books to motivational speakers and influencers to the new Employee Assistance Programs. Here you can access all of the above via an interactive website. All you need to do is put in your specific requirements and the website will tell you what you need to do and how you need to do it. Not so very different from the very first self help books really. All will be well if you follow this guidance. The latest innovation is the EAP App. Do all of the above from an App on your mobile phone.

The cost of accessing these Employee Assistance Programs has fallen dramatically. They are affordable to all. Once the website/App is built there is very little cost in maintaining it, so costs have fallen. But do they work either? We at Holate believe that for a limited time people will get that “feel good factor” and be motivated to change their lives. But what happens when that initiative wears off? Nowadays Helplines are only manned by "Accredited counsellors" with only 450 hours training (only 12 weeks experience). Sadly this is now your employees only other alternative. Your return on investment just took a very real drop.

Holate provide only links to help from professionals on the website no "self help"
We are the only EAP provider who still use degree qualified Psychotherapists on our helpline.
A real person centred Employee Assistance Program.
When a client calls the call answered by a psychotherapist
Help at the first point of contact.

There is a better way.
It’s good to talk. Talk to Holate

The Holate Team


Posted on 19 Apr 2015

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