Presenteeism. Definition. "The act of attending work while unfit to do so"

As a company you have no doubt had a long established absent management system. Getting employees back to work as soon as is possible. Well have you ever considered the employees who never take time off work? The ones who soldier on no matter what.

Well they could be costing your company money.

Lets take a look at a couple of scenarios.

The employee who is at present going through a tough divorce she attends work but is totally preoccupied with thoughts of say an impending court date for custody of the children, she has financial worries, she's trying to juggle who will pick the children up from school and take them to their clubs, now that the partner is gone, its now down to her to organize.

So she arrives in the workplace another normal day, but she begins sharing what she is going through with her co-worker, The co worker shows sympathy and tries to help, with so much to tell, two workers are now distracted, although they are irregular chats, the co-worker has now become an amateur counsellor. Now we begin to see how the productivity of not one but two employees are affected.

Scenario two
A conscientious worker has early symptoms of the flu but gets herself out of bed anyway, she doesn't want to let anyone down in the workplace, her co-worker will have so much more to do if she isn't there. She arrives but cant concentrate on what she has to do very well, she soldiers on anyway, she is trying not to spread her germs but sneezing unexpectedly is sometimes all it takes to infect how many co-workers? Within a week the not so conscientious co-worker is down with the flu along with two others.

Presenteeism costs money.

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Posted on 12 Jul 2015

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