We are all creatures of habit

We are all creatures of habit, we like to be able to predict what will happen and when, we like routine as it makes us feel comfortable knowing that at set times we do set things.

However that's not always possible in the workplace, companies have to change and evolve as their customers needs change. Whether it be new manufacturing equipment to be used or different procedures for new services that are to be introduced. So change is inevitable. Preparing your workforce for those changes is an important part of making the changes easy.

It is much easier to make changes in a smaller company than a larger one, simply the amount of people that need to be advised can be an issue, getting the right information to the right people to make the changes you need can seem daunting at times.

Assessments on how things are done right now, consultation papers on what needs to change, endless meetings before you even get to implement those changes.

What can be overlooked amongst all of this planning is how it is going to affect your workforce, after all they will be the ones who actually do the work.

To make those changes easier and gain important feedback from your shop floor staff Holate can provide a valuable link between yourselves and the workforce.

Knowing how the changes the company needs to make is affecting the workforce is vital, in planning, things can be overlooked, you may understand what you need to happen but do employee's?

There may be a reluctance amongst staff to the new way of doing things, there may be physical demands that were not considered that were overlooked in the consultations, so many things can go astray at these times.

Make sure you get the very best feedback on how its affecting people, after all it's in your companys interests to make changes quickly and smoothly to ensure you are equipped for the customers needs

Holate is here to help you make those changes

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Posted on 05 Oct 2015

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