Committed to doing just one thing

Here at Holate (A not for profit company) We are committed to doing just one thing. That one thing is providing the very best Telephone counselling service available in the UK today. 76% of the calls to our helpline have a counselling aspect to them.
So we provide degree qualified Psychotherapists at the first point of contact on our helpline.

Help at the first point of contact increases confidence from the caller, addresses callers issues immediately, and starts a continuity of care that you will find nowhere else.

Because we only have one aim taking care of your employees, we have found the best way of doing that is by doing away with all the additional fees that EAP providers add on and simply charging the company a set price per minute when one of their employees is connected to our counsellors.

Simple effective and designed solely for the benefit of the caller. When was the last time you received an invoice which said "To Pay £0.00" unheard of. Well some of our smaller clients receive these on a regular basis. But with the added knowledge that if the service is required by any of their employees it is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you want the best for your employees. Contact us today.

Its good to talk. Talk to Holate


Posted on 12 Feb 2016

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