The one size fits all generic EAP is dead

The generic one size fits all EAP's provided by multi national health companies have had there day.
Companies are beginning to realise that the Employee Assistance Programs they signed up for that are supplied by Multi national health companies do not provide what the customer requires in 2016.
The Multi nationals added so many new parts to the EAP that employers assumed would be a good idea, but now realising how very few of those services their employees actually use, so why are they still paying for them?

If it comes as a complete package what choice is there?

Very few of those all so important services you were sold are actually used and are simply not worth paying for.

The big multi nationals have also cut the quality of the service they provide. You will now be answered by an advisor on their helplines when it used to be a counsellor If your supplier still uses a counsellor, it will be one who can have as little as 12 weeks training.

Want to trust a trainee counsellor to help an employee suffering a panic attack right now?

Holate believe if you are going to do something, do it well.

We still use degree qualified Psychotherapists on our help lines, so when an employee does call during a panic attack they have help at the first point of contact.

We can review the EAP you have now, find out what services are used and not used, provide the very best of what you do need when you need it, on a 30 day rolling contract. If its not used don't pay for it

Companies are joining us ditching the multinationals EAP's because we can provide what they need when they need it. Take on individual services for as long as needed. You choose which ones when and for how long.

RIP the Employee Assistance Program Long live the flexible alternative.

Its good to talk Talk to Holate

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Posted on 19 Feb 2016

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