Its easy when you know.

Its easy to make better policies that work for the company and workforce when you know what your employees concerns are.
Are you working on information from employee surveys?, if they are voluntary participation expect a 30-40% response rate. Compulsory surveys to employees give you more information but how accurate is it?

Or are you relying on the Employee Assistance Program that the company put in place.
But how much information do they give you and how often?
Are those reports tailored to your company? To your industry?

Holate provides a bespoke service tailored to your company to your industry.
Would like to know how your employees feel about the latest policy the company put in place?
Would you like to know how policies are affecting the moral of your staff?
Would you know if the company had a problem with bullying or discrimination in the workplace?
Do you know if your employees are struggling financially?
What affect is debt having on your employees and how does that affect productivity?

Just some of the fifty call subjects Holate informs its clients about every month.

Simply taking on our telephone counselling services will provide you with all of this information.
Plus your employees will at the first point of contact talk to a degree qualified Psychotherapist who will help with any personal problems they may have.

Call us today and discover a better way.
Its good to talk. Talk to Holate


Posted on 04 Jul 2016

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