It's been a busy year so far

It has been our busiest year here at Holate.
Perhaps you are thinking that's good for our company. But another way of seeing things is that more and more people have been seeking help for a wide range of problems that they have been facing in life.

We have received a greater number of calls this winter we have seen the length of the average call increase and we have seen the calls taken during the night increase. Statistics apart.
Our work has a changing face as time goes by, five years ago the most common call we would receive was concerning personal finances, maybe this was the fall out from the banking crash in 2007/2008. and the introduction of Austerity in the Uk.
The nature of those calls was showing that people were struggling with not only losing luxury items from their lives but also paying the essential things (Utility bills) the main focus for us was helping people reduce their debts by paying off high interest loans, credit cards, store cards. once people had done that and the squeeze on income was tightened even further the next thing to look at was (after mortgage payments/rent Utility bills) food.
Now we all know in the UK we throw away vast amounts of food, it has been said that nearly half of all the food we buy may be thrown in the bin. This focussed people's minds on not only what they throw away but on what they buy in the first place. we saw the rise of cut price supermarkets Lidil and Aldi grow at the loss of the big four.
Once people had reduced budgets on these things, what next?
Sadly for many there was nothing left to cut.
This is when we believe the pressure on incomes had a significant effect on people's mental health. This first showed itself in social anxiety, insomnia, resulting in stress which has a direct affect on people's ability to adjust to new things.
As the workplace is an ever changing place, employees across all industries began and continue to suffer from mental health disorders. As we have moved from Anxiety insomnia and stress we are now seeing a significant rise in cases of depression this we believe to be the long term effect of austerity.
As an employer there is very little a company can do to change these things, as simple pay increases may not be possible for the company. Our psychotherapists have now a great deal of work to do to help people who have been suffering from these disorders, it takes time and patience to teach people new coping techniques each of us is an individual and we all have certain ways we have coped with things in the past. learning new ways is difficult, but we are here to help.
We are looking forward to helping each client that calls us, to help them make changes that can enrich their lives.
Supporting those changes over the course of time will encourage those new techniques to become natural behaviours. hopefully to enjoy a fuller more enriched life. Thank you for reading this article Holate.


Posted on 04 Jul 2019

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